The Essex County Council for Young Children offers an environment where parents/families can come together with providers and other community members to identify and discuss issues affecting children from conception to age 8 in Essex County. Working together as active partners, Council members impact policies relating to the health, education and safety of our children as they relate to the needs, concerns, hopes, dreams and successes of our families. ECCYC gives parents a forum and opportunity to voice concerns, engage community leaders at the local level and gain support through training that strengthens both families and the broader communities throughout Essex County.


To empower, advocate, and affect change for children, from birth to 8, through collaborative community engagement in Essex County.


To create collaboration between parents, community stakeholders, and community leaders that improves the health, education, and safety of Essex County children, from birth to 8.


The Leadership Team consists of parents and community partners throughout Essex County.

Altorice Frazier, Parent Co-Chair
Lydia Peart, Community Partner Co-Chair
Ayesha A. Boyd, Secretary
Shiana Torres, Treasurer